How to Scale Your Small Business in 6 Steps

how to scale a business

In short, if it’s not scalable, it’s not sustainable—not for you, your business, and your employees. The steps above are simply a framework and starting point to help you sustainably scale your fast-growing organization. You can use your own research, data and insight to tailor them according to your unique business needs. Direct marketing is an advertising strategy that includes only the individual promotion of your product, for instance, by reaching out to potential clients via email or texting.

Why Costco is so successful?

The company's guiding philosophy is to offer its members goods and services at the lowest possible prices. Thanks to its low prices and excellent customer service, Costco has become a favorite shopping destination for millions worldwide.

Building and maintaining an effective support network will ensure a sense of accountability and a wealth of insight and perspectives to keep you on track. Successfully building a startup requires strategic utilization of digital advertising, outsourcing, and boundless networking. how to scale a business Be proactive, use data and it never hurts to send a slice of cake. Engaged employees are more productive and committed to contributing to the company’s success. A survey conducted by HubSpot found that 69% of employees are willing to work harder if their efforts are appreciated.

Consider How You Might Expand on Your Existing Services

While in-house development requires a lot of preparation and freelance isn’t very reliable, outsourcing allows you to jump to work once you choose the right team. At the end of the day, such an approach helps to save more time and deliver the project faster.

But most startup leaders spend years carefully building a cohesive company culture, and you need to be sure not to let it slip away. If it doesn’t make sense to hire your own employee, there are ways to outsource tasks to streamline your business as you scale. Matt, for example, doesn’t have any full-time employees. Instead, he uses an agency to handle all his marketing because he realized it was something a third-party would be better at. “We don’t just use the dead-stock T-shirts, we also use dead-stock rolls of fabric,” says Katie. “It’s the exact same grade of material, it’s just taken at a different point in the supply chain.”The fabric rolls allow for faster production but with the same commitment to sustainability. It’s even become a feature—getting their hands on a particular color lets them create a limited time collection drop that customers snap up.

Improve your processes

Whenever confusion arises within the team, members can refer to the process checklist rather than you. Scaling in business often requires bringing new personnel on board to avoid bottlenecks and optimizing workflow so tasks aren’t concentrated in your hands.

how to scale a business

In fact, a more local approach can help ease the stress that the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on global supply chains. “That was actually a really valuable part of the process for us—sitting down and saying, ‘Where do we want to be? If your company started as a hobby, like in Matt’s case with Hug Sleep, you may have just been going with the flow up until this point. Lastly, some businesses are meant to be small businesses. It’s OK if you want your side hustle to remain a side hustle. It all comes down to your personal priorities, lifestyle, and financial situation. TheFedEx Small Business Centercan help with your everyday business challenges by offering advice and guidance from a network of small-business peers and experts.

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